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This is a family run business, which Mark Allen took over a few years ago, having worked under the previous owner for many years before. He has built the shop up over the years with the help of his son (Mark Jnr) and his staff. Some of which have been there as long as Mark. He has sourced from local farms in the Norfolk area, and at the same time making sure he gets the best meats for his customers at the right prices.


First Year of Trading 1950

Father and son started the business on 2 January 1950 at 15 Plane Road, Shrublands Estate, Gorleston. The estate consisted of prefabricated bungalows built to replace war damaged homes in Great Yarmouth. At each end of the estate were four brick built shops and 

J.H. FLEETWOODS & SON, family butchers traded from one of these.

Food rationing was still in place after the end of the World War II and the business had 25 potential customers registered - the minimum number required in order to get a licence to trade as was the law in 1950. The business was licensed to sell meat, bacon and eggs and the weekly ration per person was:

One shillings worth of fresh meat (1s 0d)

Two penn'orth of corned beef (2d)

The premises were leased by the Great Yarmouth Corporation (now Borough Council) for 7 Years.

The takings after the first week were £20 13s 0d - the only way was UP!

The business traded at Plane Road, Shrublands until 1980 and FLEETWOODS then transferred to its present premises at 75 High Street, Gorleston where it has been trading for the last 36 years and

is now in the capable hands of Mark Allen.

By J F Fleetwood

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